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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Best PPC / PTC (Pay Per Click or Paid To Click Websites)

How do PPC / PTC sites works?

The way it works is – when someone who wants to promote their website or business, they pay the below mentioned PPC sites to create traffic to their websites or businesses.

For example: A business will be charged $1 by the PPC site to generate page views (traffic) to that business' website. This means the business pays $0.04 ($1 / 25 views) per view to the PPC website. Of this, up to $0.02 will be shared with each of us (we are the traffic) and the balance is the PPC site’s profit.

How do we start earning?

All of the below PPC sites are FREE to register. As soon as you register, you can start clicking ads to earn $$$. It’s that easy to start earning.
Note that this is not a “become a millionaire” scam. This is simply an advertising business. The income is not much but it’s good pocket money for the month end.
All three do offer paid upgrades for accelerated earnings but this is strictly optional. Please note that you do NOT need to spend a single $ to start earning. I'll leave links to all of them if you want to try them out for free!

My Best PPC / PTC (Pay Per Click or Paid To Click Websites)

1. Traffic Monsoon


2. ClixSense

3. Neobux

Don't agree? Let me know your top picks in the comments!
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