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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Traffic Monsoon Review Part 2

Question of the day:

Can you make some real money on TM? 

The good news is you CAN make some real money on TM – sort of.

There are a bunch of ways to make money with TM

1.       You advertise your business, grow it, therefore increasing your revenue

2.       You can create a FREE account and earn unlimited Pay Per Click income – your options are:
a.       earn $0.001 by viewing a webpage for 5 seconds
b.      earn $0.005 by viewing a webpage for 15 seconds
c.       earn $0.01 by viewing a webpage for 30 seconds
d.      earn $0.02 by viewing a webpage for 60 seconds (this option does not seem to work for me so I’d just ignore it until it’s fixed)

3.       Create your FREE account
and directly refer potential customers to earn 10% of all purchases made by them.

4.       Purchase “Ad Packs”
a.       One Ad Pack lets you advertise and get 20 Banner Clicks, 1000 Webpage Visits on your ad/webpage
b.      An Ad Pack costs $50
c.       You can purchase as many as you like
d.      When you purchase and Ad Pack, they are valid for 55 days, after which they expire
e.      Now the good part: You become eligible for a share of Traffic Monsoon’s profits when you purchase an Ad Pack (a return on investment of upto 10% at the end of 55 days). These profits are credited to your TM account on an hourly basis.
f.         This simply means that even if you don’t have a business, you can purchase an Ad Pack for $50 and have $55 at the end of 55 days

Purchase as many packs as possible from your disposable income, sit back, relax and let the beautiful, yet simple concept of compounding, do it magic.

I will create an actual returns calculator and give it to you guys soon but in the mean time, here’s what this model could do.

Number of Ad Packs
Cost Per Pack (US$)
Total Cost (US$)
Return After 55 Days Without Reinvesting (US$)
Return After 1 Year With Reinvesting – Without Withdrawals (US$)

So far, it's going pretty well for me. I'll keep you guys updated with screenshots, calculators and loads of other free content! 
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